Blu Mercury offers a range of services to help scientific companies improve their marketing potential in the modern marketplace. Here is an overview of what we can offer:

Online Publishing

• Build, improve or develop publishing systems for content at scale
• Work within your current operation to develop content on an ongoing basis, at scale if required

Technical Back-end

• Fix technical content issues such as tagging, hierarchy, or reporting
• Build and manage databases to make internal and external processes faster and more effective
• Provide expert support with HTML, CSS, SQL and other languages

Project Management

• Consult on getting large projects delivered on time and to budget
• Coordinate with other service providers and internal teams to solve problems and make the most of opportunities

Copy, Content and Design

• Deliver SEO, marketing and sales copy
• Structure, research and produce marketing material for both on- and off-line channels
• Offer graphic design support and delivery
• Provide experienced modern content strategy and marketing advice

If your business could benefit from support in any of these (or related) areas then please feel free to contact Blu Mercury [link to Contact page] today.

You can also learn more about who we are [link to About page] and see some of our previous work [link to Our work page] on these pages.